4 Reasons Why the Future of Content Marketing Lies with Artificial Intelligence

4 Reasons Why the Future of Content Marketing Lies with Artificial Intelligence

The rise of technology and the important role content marketing plays in business have become the inseparable twins of the new normal of business. If there ever was a thin line between both, it has long become blurry as it is impossible to distinguish one from the other.


Content has metamorphosed to become the engine room of organic marketing, making its demand by businesses of all sizes soar. With artificial intelligence technology becoming more innovative and its use cases constantly evolving, what possibilities await when brands fuse the promises that both hold?

The Dawn of the New Normal of Marketing

Our primal nature has always been about adapting to changing times, which is why businesses didn’t take long to adjust to the new normal. No one would have imagined that the pandemic would bring business activities to a standstill as it did.


But with technology of all kinds at our disposal and social media to bridge the communication gap, content has become the chief marketing driver. According to Siege Media, 51% of content consumption comes from organic search, while content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing.


As trends and customer behavior change, content marketing plays a key role for brands in communicating with their target audience. The use of social media as a communication medium across all age brackets has become a mainstay and has become more evident with the pandemic.


Its usage among senior citizens rose to 66% in the last five years, making it a valuable tool for content marketing purposes for your business in the long run.

Artificial Intelligence in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Brands are in business by meeting customers’ needs and solving their problems. But as trends evolve, so will customer behaviors change, causing companies to adopt marketing strategies to help them effectively reach their target audience.

This sequence of activities has led many businesses and organizations to turn to artificial intelligence as a suitable solution. Content marketing is one area where AI can be helpful. It can be utilized to identify the most effective topics and keywords to target and optimize content distribution for maximum impact.

According to Semrush, 78% of brands that successfully used content marketing last year had a documented marketing strategy. Imagine the smart goals for your content marketing that you will drive when you maximize artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence can be used to achieve that as GPT-3 technology continues to improve rapidly. GPT-3 is an AI model that creates content using human and machine language faster than the average human can.


It is a robust technology utilized by platforms like JasperAI, CraftlyAI, Grammarly, and other content tools. These tools can be maximized to create diverse content that is personalized to cater to a broader audience.

Why the Future of Content Marketing Lies with Artificial Intelligence

The recent surge in demand for artificial intelligence in content marketing should not come as a surprise. By analyzing customer data, AI offers the potential to shorten the learning curve for content marketers by providing valuable insights into what will work and what won’t. But what does the future hold for AI in content marketing?


Here are four ways AI will shape the future of content marketing:

1. AI will help you create better content faster

One of the most significant advantages of using AI in your content marketing is that it can help you create better content faster. Content marketing enables you to build a bridge between your brand and your audience by building trust among the customers and giving them an idea of your product or service.


If done in the right way, content marketing can be very effective. The biggest reason why most businesses are flocking towards it is because of its ROI. With AI, you can quickly gather data and insights about your audience’s needs and wants and use that information to create targeted content that resonates with them.


2. AI will help you scale your content marketing efforts.


Another advantage of using AI in your content marketing is that it can help you scale your efforts. According to HubSpot, 33% of marketers who don’t use automation plan to implement it in their content marketing strategy. 


With AI, you can quickly generate large amounts of content without sacrificing quality or human connection. This is perfect for businesses looking to grow their reach and engagement but don’t have the resources to do so manually.


3. Personalized content can be created with AI.


AI can be used to create personalized content to reach individual customers. With AI, your audience can be segmented, creating content to target each group. This ensures that each customer receives relevant content, which leads to higher engagement and conversions.

4. Unlocking new horizons

The impact of artificial intelligence in content marketing keeps evolving, making it possible to unlock new horizons. Content creation tools such as JasperAI and Craftly can curate text content for articles based on a topic entered. Transcription tools are also on the rise, as platforms like OtterAI can transcribe recorded words and audio into text faster than an expert would dare to attempt.


Other important content platforms like SemRush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Buzzsumo, and Co are AI-powered platforms that are used to search for keywords to help enhance the positioning of your blog content on search engines. Other valuable content tools include Grammarly for word and sentence checkers and Copyscape for plagiarism checks. The list is endless, and they keep improving it every year. 

Drawing the Curtain

The future of content marketing with artificial intelligence is like a match made in heaven. The possibilities of creating much-improved content that can be scaled to meet the needs of your target audience are realistic and seamless. With innovation in the face of the new normal of business, the future is way brighter than what we are basking in already.


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