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Engage, Don’t Create.

Implementing a content marketing strategy in today’s digital landscape has become even more essential. As the world deals with the effects of the pandemic, online content empowers organizations to nurture relationships, improve brand reach, and build return on investment (ROI) in this, particularly challenging time.

At its core, content marketing is a sales activity. It drives revenue, creates opportunities, and provides value — but only when you choose to engage with the right people and technology. On the other hand, creating content yourself makes it an operational task that takes time away from revenue generation.

If you are wondering how to get started on engaging content instead of creating it, read on to learn a few valuable tips and tricks.

Outsource Via Gig Economy.

The global labor market is brimming with talented freelancers looking for short-term content projects. In fact, 36% of the workforce in the United States consists of freelancers.

Before you start, consider your budget. Freelance hubs such as UpWork and Fiverr generally make money by charging a fee on top of your payment to the gig worker. Prices vary, so make sure to shop around before sticking to one platform.

That being said, outsourcing content is still the least expensive option, considering that each freelancer has their own rate and price range. You can always negotiate or choose a budget-friendly freelancer among the talent pool.

Overall, outsourcing content through work marketplaces is a versatile approach to scale up or down based on your current content marketing needs.

However, outsourcing does have some downsides. Language barriers can cause miscommunication, especially when it comes to task instructions. Quality can be a hit or miss and may take you quite some time to find a content creator that fits your expectations.

Hire an In-House Content Creator.

Hiring freelancers on job hubs is a good idea for short-term projects, but consider hiring your own copywriter if you want long-term consistency with quality.

Although this is less scalable and more expensive due to the costs of health insurance plans and other employee benefits, having your own content marketing team enables you to set standards and guidelines and train your content creators to craft quality content that can build your brand’s voice cohesively.

This is crucial in making thought leadership content. The tone and style should always suit the thought leader persona you are developing to better build trust among your peers, customers, and clients.

By earning that trust, credibility, and authority through consistent, value-packed content, you can generate more qualified prospects, promote brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Leverage Technology, People, and Strategy.

Going hybrid can make content creation faster, scalable, and more cost-effective. Depending on your company size and marketing needs, you can hire freelancers or in-house copywriters, but make sure to equip them with the right content tools and technology.

Data-driven algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) can all be used to analyze and audit your content to look for areas of improvement and develop an effective, data-backed content marketing strategy.

Explore cloud-based apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options that can help your hired talent create a variety of content more easily. Your marketing team can greatly benefit from project management platforms, web-based photo editors, grammar and plagiarism checkers, search analytics, and more.

Better yet, you may opt for white-label solutions for content marketing — software that you can rebrand as your own after purchasing it from a service provider. White-label apps allow you to make branded solutions to meet the evolving needs of your audience while extending brand awareness.

The Verdict.

Whether you decide to outsource or hire in-house, make sure to arm them with useful content marketing tools and tech. Plan your strategy well, and don’t hesitate to experiment. Everything takes time, but engaging rather than creating content will definitely free up some for you so that you can get closer to your sales goals.

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