Facebook 101 For Thought Leaders: Best Content Formats To Use and How to Make Them.

As of 2021, there are 2.74 billion active Facebook users on the planet, with 1.84 billion of them visiting the social network daily. No other platform has this level of reach, proving the importance of incorporating Facebook into your thought leadership marketing strategy.

Generally, Facebook posts have an engagement rate of 0.18 percent. If you want to exceed that benchmark and build audience trust and loyalty on Facebook, you need to make unique, insightful, and relatable videos, original quote images, and live streams.

Additionally, the average Facebook user makes five comments, likes 12 posts, clicks on 12 ads, and shares one post per month. Don’t miss out on these engagements—read on to learn how to craft compelling thought leadership posts on the world’s third most visited website.

Take Advantage of Facebook Live

One of the best ways to establish thought leadership on Facebook is to go live. Once your audience sees your face and hears your voice in real-time, they can better connect with you and see you as an authentic leader and authority in your industry.

In the spring of 2020, Facebook Live viewership soared by 50 percent, as users want to attend live events and see people they want to support online. With that in mind, speak about a topic that resonates well with your viewers. A Q&A session would be a good start.

For better topic creation, utilize customer relationship management platforms to find out what your viewers are interested in. You may also post a poll asking your audience for topics they want you to discuss during your stream. This way, you are inviting your followers to join the conversation, ultimately bringing more engagement.

Be the Origin of Quotable Quotes.

While it pays to share inspiring quotes from history’s GOATs (Greatest of Them All), being a thought leader means you are now one of your industry’s current greats. People expect you to drive them to success, to educate them, to give them solutions. It is time for those motivational quotes to come from you.

Use your everyday realizations and personal experience to come up with original quotes that your followers would want to share. Look into your past content for statements of value, take notable excerpts that highlight your expertise, and post them in the form of a quote image.

Your quote can also be your thoughts about the latest industry news and trends. Most of the time, people are uncertain when there is a new trend and are waiting for the input of the experts. Do your research, dig out valuable information, and be the first to talk about it.

Create Short, High-Quality Facebook Videos.

Did you know that more than a billion people visit Facebook Watch monthly and that video posts have a higher average engagement rate (0.26 percent) than other types (0.18 percent)? Use this fact to your advantage by creating highly insightful Facebook videos.

If you have been making YouTube videos, podcasts, and interviews, repurpose them into value-packed Facebook videos worth watching and sharing. If not, now is the best time to film one- to three-minute reels and clips that capture awe-inspiring statements and moments.

For a better user experience, use the recommended dimensions (1280 x 720 px). Make audio optional by adding subtitles. Lastly, don’t forget to click “Edit Video” before posting so that you can optimize the title, description, and tags for Facebook Watch.


The average Facebook page shares one or two posts a day. Make the most out of it by making videos, quote images, and live streams that showcase your sincerity, credibility, and expertise as a thought leader.

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