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How Instarel.ai Leverage AI and Crack Algorithm

Statistics showed that 86% of CEOs claimed that AI was mainstream in their office, where the marketing and sales departments prioritize this technology and machine learning more than any other department. It is no surprise that 20% of businesses say that automating tasks is the second most crucial use of AI.

Leveraging AI is about creating thought leadership content to accelerate those people concerned in content creation rather than replace them. It means consistently creating pieces to get the proper engagements at the right time that will increase your profile’s views and bring it to the suitable feed and people.

You should not be wary of getting replaced because of AI, as its only goal is to speed up humans and increase the adaptability of businesses. Without them, AI employment will not be successful. Learn how leveraging AI could help you have more presence and its common misconceptions by reading further.

How Instarel.ai Started

Instarel.ai, short for ‘instantly relevant,’ aims to create thought leadership content in leveraging AI. It helps clients and brands who want to have more presence or elevate their image in their respective industries through content creation that typically takes time to produce and is too expensive.

The company, bought at a low price from GoDaddy, has the initial name of ainerd.com. It has professionally written contents or those considered as ‘dead blogs.’ They wiped everything and replaced it with AI-related content to transform the website. It generated lots of views and good metrics, and monetizing it became incredibly fast.

In addition, the change fails due to human reasons. The promoters of change fail to notice the As Instarel.ai claims, content is an intelligent automation candidate and should not threaten those in the field like journalists and marketing managers. Intelligent automation (IA) is only there to free them up from low-quality tasks and make them more productive. Without acceleration, there will be no adaptability within the company.

Cracking Algorithm

The key to crack algorithms is to consistently create specific content, like focusing on a single topic like intelligent automation (IA). Orchestrating one will help you list the comments where you can communicate with your audience.

Over time, you will learn to engage at the right time correctly and with the right type of content. Afterwhich, you can get your profile’s views up and bring your content to the suitable feed and people. Later on, it will lead to an excellent engagement, won without competition because people trust you for your expertise in your chosen content topic.

Credibility is a crucial component to having commendable content engagements because people trust those who have experience and knowledge on the topics they talk about. Note that the person who has the perspective wins. It will then translate to inbound leads and revenues.

Teams in Instarel.ai use structured data for initial thoughts, hashtags, topics that interest viewers, and their preferred writing styles. They assume the role of content creation engine, taking a different approach and raising profits of start-ups executives who do not want to go to marketing directors and managers and instead reach out to them.

In summary, generating revenue will depend on consistency, the type of content you produce, and tonality or how you engage with your audience.

Common Misconceptions About AI

AI is a loosely coined term, so a lot of misconceptions about it circulate. Some of the most well-known are: (1) AI taking over humans in the work setting; (2) AI is made up and cannot be supported by the current technology.

1. AI will take Over Human Jobs

Certainly, AI will not kill jobs and replace employees. With the rise of automation and robotization, it is more appropriate to say that it will eliminate manual and tedious tasks and accelerate jobs. Consequently, it will change the nature of work but will not reduce the overall number of jobs.

Similar to robotization, AI will get rid of repetitive intellectual tasks to give employees more time to deal with more complex jobs. Hence, increasing their efficiency and productivity.

2. AI is Made Up and Cannot Be Applied yet with the Current Technology

AI applications today work but still have limitations. They are context-specific and only respond to highly focused problems. They do not have common sense and cannot think like humans, so it is safe to say that AI has not yet surpassed human intelligence.

Moreover, AI technology learns continuously and adapts accordingly because the real-world setting entails a continuous influx of data. Incrementally, new information becomes available, change is constant, and sometimes happens abruptly. Humans can quickly adapt, but AI technology lacks this suppleness.

Continuous learning has been a persistent obstacle for the development of AI because of catastrophic forgetting that occurs when new information overwrites past learnings in the neural network. The good news, there has been progressing about that which we will not tackle here.
We can only know AI’s full potential after several decades of observing its use and deployment.


Our technology today has come a long way, especially in easing humans’ workload. Leveraging AI is a must to hasten the people’s jobs in content creation, leading to an improved brand presence and increased revenue.

With InstantlyRelevant, we are using the technology to create instantly relevant content. And not only that, we mix it with seasoned experts and proven strategy. If you want to know more or want to give it a try, shoot me a message. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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