How to Be a Thought Leader on LinkedIn: 4 Content Formats to Use.

Did you know that 61 million out of 500 million LinkedIn users are executives? This makes LinkedIn one of the top social networks to create and share effective thought leadership content.

As C-suite executives use leadership content to vet a company when it comes to deals and partnerships, crafting valuable, engaging, and relevant content in the right format matters. This includes building a thought leadership content strategy that involves blog posts, text, images, and videos.

Write Blog Posts that Help Your Audience Know More About Your Industry.

Unlike other social media platforms where you need to write a blog post elsewhere before sharing it, LinkedIn allows page members and admins to publish articles on the site. Once you click “Publish,” your article will be shared on your followers’ news feed and is searchable on and off LinkedIn if your profile is set to public.

For best results, start with a pillar topic: a subject covering everything your audience needs to know about your niche. From there, you can build a topic cluster and go in-depth with related subtopics, one blog post at a time.

Use your blog posts to enlighten your audience about your industry and why your products and services matter. Tackle any challenges facing the industry, then provide smart, seamless, and doable solutions. Insert your unique insights as a thought leader and industry expert.

Use Images to Make Your Point at a Glance.

Photos and graphics dominate LinkedIn. Use them to complement an interesting fact, point, or quote for your LinkedIn post. Better yet, if you have some infographics, highlight a crucial part by cropping it, then include a link to the full version in the caption.

Additionally, thought leaders serve as stewards of reputation, and it makes sense to share their photos as the company’s face to build more trust and remind your audience that you are the industry expert to rely on.

Your photos and illustrations must reflect your branding as well. Include your logo, use company colors, and take advantage of themed designs so that LinkedIn users can instantly recognize that the image they see is from your brand, even without them reading the post author’s name.

Make Short Native Videos.

Did you know that you are more likely to start a conversation with a LinkedIn video than with other content formats? Make the most out of it by posting native videos that auto-play on your followers’ news feed.

Grab attention by creating videos that are short, clear, and easy to digest. Demonstrate your thought leadership by crafting helpful explainers and how-to videos that speak about answers and solutions your followers want.

You should also place a strong call-to-action (CTA) that directly addresses your viewers’ needs. Provide subtitles for clarity and adhere to LinkedIn video dimensions (minimum 256 x 144px to maximum 4096 x 2304px) for smooth user experience.

Share Nuggets of Wisdom in Plain Text.

While visual content is essential to catch the eye of your audience, sometimes the best content format is a text-only copy. Like a tweet, creating an all-text post can break up the clutter of a news feed that is oversaturated with images and videos.

Craft a simple message with useful and interesting information that your audience cares about a lot. This shows your followers a more authentic and accessible side to your thought leader persona. By letting your audience know that you are sincerely there to help and that they can approach you with their questions anytime, your followers will most likely engage.

It could be in the form of a motivational quote, a quick tip, a book excerpt, or a fascinating riddle. You can even make a text-only survey or a brief how-to guide. Don’t forget to add hashtags and to keep your sentences short and conversational.


Most LinkedIn users spend 24 minutes per workday or up to two hours on the social media platform. Don’t miss out. Optimize your thought leadership content on LinkedIn through videos, images, text, and blog posts that resonate with your audience.

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