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Problems with Lead Generation? Here’s How Thought Leadership Can Help

The buying process wouldn’t ever be complete without quality leads. The problem is how to generate prospects that convert into actual sales. With 53 percent of marketers spending half or more of their budget on lead generation, it’s a tricky and expensive challenge to overcome.

Fortunately, effective thought leadership can mend the disconnect that hampers interested consumers from finally checking out your services instead of just merely adding you to their cart. The secret? It all begins with trust.

Great thought leadership has been proven to influence positive buyer decisions, especially with C-suite executives looking to strike a deal with a reputable company. But what does that mean for lead generation? Continue reading to learn more about the ways thought leadership can get you quality leads for your business to truly grow.

Thought Leadership Works For B2B and B2C

Understanding your target audience is the first step to successful marketing and lead generation. Because the business-to-business (B2B) audience is inherently different from the business-to-consumer (B2C) type, it only makes sense to refine your strategy according to their preferences.

While B2B puts emphasis on saving time, money, and resources, B2C concentrates on the benefits of a product and how it can solve problems. Where B2B thrives on logic and in-depth promotion, B2C is all about simple messaging that appeals to emotion.

Thought leadership is versatile enough to cater to both types of buyers, as providing innovative and resource-saving solutions and sharing valuable information and logical insights are simply par for the course.

Additionally, a well-established thought leader can deliver effective messages with the authority and confidence necessary to persuade hesitant prospects to try out what you have to offer.

Thought Leaders Tackle the Root of the Problem

All too often, when companies look for the source of poor lead generation, they focus on resolving the first things they see, which are usually only the symptoms and not the real problem itself.

The short answer to why you’re not getting enough quality leads can be traced to existing gaps between you and your audience. Because thought leadership enables meaningful discussions, requires research, and fosters information sharing, you can identify the underlying problem and bridge that disconnect.

Trust and buyer confidence also play a crucial role in making a sale. Remember, 81 percent of consumers say that trust impacts their purchasing decisions. What better way to drive trust than to provide authentic and consistent thought leadership?

Furthermore, leads ought to be nurtured. Without it, 79 percent of marketing leads will never convert into sales. Think of it as starting a long-term relationship where a personalized approach is necessary, where expectations must be met, where the experience is so good that the other party will definitely come back for more.

Effective thought leadership goes beyond promoting your brand. It helps you develop the relationship you have with your audience, building trust over time and showing them that you’re a brand worth a try.

Thought Leadership Content Provides Follow-Up Support

Did you know that your prospects are nine times more likely to convert into paying customers if you follow up within five minutes? It’s entirely doable with the right technology and supporting materials.

How does thought leadership help? Your leads will have questions about your products and services. Having curated, ready-to-share thought leadership content can help you provide the correct, helpful, and valuable information your leads are looking for so that they can take the next step in the purchasing process.

Think of case studies, white papers, testimonials and reviews, and informational videos to answer your prospects’ questions, make them more curious about your brand, and motivate them to explore more of your products and services. Help your leads understand what’s in it for them if they choose to make the sale happen.

Thought Leaders Is Omnipresent

Perhaps the greatest hurdle to your lead generation success is that you’re simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Promotional content is useless if you’re not where your customers are, but thanks to the omnichannel approach of thought leadership, you can reach more people.

Unlike other types, thought leadership content can be used on all marketing channels: social media, television, podcasts, video streaming platforms, blogs, and more. You can throw live events, give interviews, conduct lectures, and collaborate with other leaders. The list where you can draw attention is simply endless.

More importantly, when you are the expert and authority in your industry, being in the forefront of market-shaping trends, you are even in a better position to be seen and heard by potential customers. After all, being at peak leadership performance should mean you’ll be able to pique your prospects’ interests.


Sixty-one percent of marketers say lead generation is their top challenge. There is no cure-all for it, but by putting in the effort to build brilliant, consistent, and authentic thought leadership content, you can leverage the exposure, trust, credibility, and loyalty it yields to create a more seamless lead generation and conversion process.

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