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Top 3 Benefits of Being a Thought Leader and Using AI to Accelerate.

Did you know that more than half, or 58 percent of decision-makers choose a brand or company based on its thought leadership? And 61 percent are willing to pay more to work with a brand or company with a clear vision in their leadership.

There are a lot of benefits to being a thought leader. And the top three benefits are visibility, trust, and the ability to generate leads and pull potential customers. And AI can quickly accelerate your influence by using AI-Powered Relevance Engine and AI Content Generation Engine.

Being a thought leader means people do not only look to you for product or service advice but also for information and ideas that can help. Here are the top three benefits you can gain from being one and how AI can accelerate your role.

Increase in Visibility

Once you start creating and posting material, you and your brand will get in the game. You will position yourself as an authority figure and gain attention – widening your audience.

After establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you will attract the attention of bloggers, reporters, and influencers that will ask for your advice. This can result in more exposure, such as major publications.

As you earn speaking opportunities on a particular topic with major media companies and publications will make you a “go-to person.” This means they will tap on your ideas and “thought” more often. In return, you can easily reach out to the media too.

Industry Expert

Another benefit of being a thought leader is being seen as an expert, especially in the B2B (business to business) space.

Think of it this way: You are looking for another company to partner with. The first one is an established thought leader with well-researched content. The second one does not have anything at all. Which one will you choose? The first one, easy answer, right?

When you, employees, and the whole company itself shares technical knowledge in the industry you work in, it will project an aura of experience that people look for in a business. It gives them this thought: you know what you are doing; they are in good hands.

In almost every B2B business, it takes a long time to develop yourself as an authoritative brand and thought leadership marketing campaigns are a perfect way to show how informed and successful your employees are.

Pull Potential Customers and Advocates

As a thought leader, you give away all kinds of content for free in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos, and other formats. It allows you to demonstrate your skills and expertise to engage with your audience. You cannot do this if you are hinting or asking for money right off the bat.

Freely give them information, news, and your point of view in your industry. Assist and support your audience. Give them value because they will give you their loyalty and trust in return.

As you engage with your potential customers, you may turn them into paying customers down the road.

How AI Can Help

Ready to be a thought leader and want to experience the benefits of being one but do not have enough time?

It is a fact that time is the most valuable commodity in this world. So, what if you can easily create content in only a few minutes? And get relevant content that you can instantly use. Here is how AI can help.

Instarel from “Instantly Relevant” is an AI-powered technology with an AI Relevance Engine that can analyze your “hashtags” to discover instant relevance. It also has an AI Content Engine that can instantly produce content that you can use.

This technology is perfect for influencers and industry experts that do not have enough time, marketing and digital teams by creating relevant content about their target industry, and small and medium business owners by creating content about their product.

The Thought Leader Accelerator

Instarel combines advanced technology with a perfected methodology that is designed that can help you become an industry thought leader. It can do a variety of things such as:

  • Personalized content strategy
  • AI content generation engine
  • AI-powered relevance engine
  • Localized and global content
  • Custom articles, daily posts, and personalized blog
  • Thought leadership

In Conclusion

There are many benefits to being a thought leader. You increase your visibility, making you an industry expert, and this will attract potential customers. As you attract more customers and influencers, they will add to your visibility – creating a circle.

Accelerating your status as a thought leader is easy through Instarel, an AI that can quickly and easily help you with relevant content. This technology can give you custom articles, daily posts, and even a personalized blog instantly. It is the future of content without wasting your precious time.

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