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Tweet, Retweet, and Repeat: How to Build Thought Leadership Content on Twitter.

Twitter is home to 192 million active users that send a total of 500 million tweets daily. But did you know that these users only spend an average of 3.39 minutes per session and that a tweet’s lifespan is only 15 to 20 minutes?

Suppose you are wondering how to promote your thought leadership content within that small window of opportunity. In that case, you need to follow a simple rule: listen first, then engage by tweeting and retweeting. In other words, be opinionated.

Thought leadership marketing on Twitter is quite different from forms of social media. On networks like Facebook and Instagram, visuals trump all—on Twitter, words are everything. Read on to learn how you can build trust, expand your brand influence, and become a successful thought leader on Twitter.

Deliver Fascinating News

Twitter as a news source is largely due to first-hand accounts from users who are on the ground in the midst of a developing story. That means tweeting about the helpful, valuable, or exciting industry or company events and developments you have witnessed today for thought leaders.

Perhaps you have made some unique changes in your company that is making your employees healthier and happier. Tweet about it—share the results and let other organizations follow your lead.

Maybe you have had an exciting meeting today. Why not tweet the good bits from the conference room? Better yet, share value-packed slides and presentations—tag colleagues and partners who can find them useful. Talk about how today’s agenda addresses issues that people care about and what the next steps are.

Follow Industry Influencers and Engage

Did you know that on Twitter, the simple act of following key individuals in the industry can significantly improve your brand reach? Because the platform gives more importance to actual discussions, it pays to follow relevant influencers, read their content, and talk with them.

Be strategic. Your marketing team should build a list of whom to follow. Check your feed often so that you don’t miss out on valuable tweets. Let those industry heavyweights know what you like about their tweets, then amplify what they have shared by giving your unique perspective.

Once you start exchanging thoughts and insights with other leaders, you can develop trust and brand presence so that the rest of your marketing goals will fall into place. Remember, Twitter is about building relationships, not self-promoting your brand story.

Share Third-Party Content

While it is important to make your own branded social media content, retweeting high-quality, third-party content is more effective in building a loyal following on Twitter. Better yet, look for trending topics that you can use to educate others as a thought leader.

In other words, know what is happening, retweet posts about it, and share thoughts that help your followers. Keep an eye out for teachable moments, but hone your social listening skills so that you can read the room and respond accordingly.


Sixty-seven percent of B2B businesses use Twitter for digital marketing. But Twitter isn’t about the number of likes you get. It’s about focusing on your followers and reciprocating expert opinions and ideas. Tweet regularly, retweet as needed, and most of all, engage with fellow industry influencers to keep the conversation going.

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