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Customized Social Media Content

Customized Social Media Content

Why it’s needed: Create trust and become a thought leader to your audience in your industry with potent content customized to achieve your goals.

What we do for you: We go beyond just creating content to ensure that they endear to your target audience across your brand’s social media platforms.


Personalized Social Media Engagement

Personalized Social Media Engagement

Why it’s needed: Don’t be just another bot-ified business next door. Humanize your business across different social media platforms.

What we do for you: We help you walk, talk and breathe your business by personalizing your social media engagement 24/7.


Professional Social Media Account Management

Professional Social Media Account Management

Why it’s needed: With different social media platforms and even more on the way, there is no better way to meet your target audience.

What we do for you: We tell your story, share your journey, and emotionally appeal to your target audience across social media platforms.


Advanced Technology Enablement

Advanced Technology Enablement

Why it’s needed: In today’s business world, where every competitive advantage counts, leveraging technology greatly gives you that edge.

What we do for you: We make the most of the latest content marketing technologies to ensure you are miles ahead of your competitors.


Social Media Profile Optimization

Social Media Profile Optimization

Why it’s needed: How costly can a poor business profile prove to be for your business in the long run? Is that a path you’d rather want to thread?

What we do for you: We help you optimize your profile to suit your service offering and attract potential clients to your business.


Branded Sales Collateral

Branded Sales Collateral

Why it’s needed: Step out of the old ways of running your business and into the new easily!

What we do for you: We help you become instantly relevant by promoting your brand and supporting the marketing and sales of your product and services.


Executive Eminence

Executive Eminence

Why it’s needed: Move from being a regular user on your favourite social media platform to becoming the executive presence and industry expert that you are.

What we do for you: We help you build and raise your social presence that befits your profile and image and projects your persona as an executive, CEO, and thought leader in selling your ideas to others.


Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Why it’s needed: Taking your brand to another level is important as a small business owner, and one way to achieve that is through your marketing strategy.

What we do for you: We help grow your business and achieve your marketing goals through our innovative consulting services.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Why it’s needed: Influencer marketing effectively creates more brand awareness, drives website traffic, and increases sales for your product or service.

What we do for you: We help you drive visibility for your business and increase sales through influencer marketing.


Video & Audio Production

Video & Audio Production

Why it’s needed: Imagine how much visibility and traffic you can drive to your business with video and audio content. The possibility is endless!

What we do for you: At Instantly Relevant, we help you achieve your desired goals through innovative video and audio content.


Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos

Why it’s needed: Don’t just be another brand in your niche. Become the go-to thought leader with explainer videos!

What we do for you: We help you become instantly relevant with your content marketing through our animated explainer video services.


UI / UX / Graphics

UI / UX / Graphics

Why it’s needed: The more advanced the role of technology in small business, the more the role of interface and design of your brand as they are your audience’s window to your brand.

What we help you do: We take the burden off you through quality graphics that accentuate your brand as the go-to place for your target audience.


Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Why it’s needed: Data-driven digital marketing strategies across all digital channels help you meet your target audience.

What we do for you: We create a complete mix of the right opportunities, pitch, and information by closing the gap between availability and mind share to increase exposure on various social media platforms.


Google Ads

Google Ads

Why it’s needed: Google Ads is an affordable, easy- to- use online advertising platform that can increase qualified traffic, or good-fit customers, to your business.

What we do for you: At Instantly Relevant, we help you achieve your desired goals through a data and conversion Approch. We create high-converting Google Ads campaigns for more sales, profits and customers.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Why it’s needed: Facebook Ads has a range of advertising solutions to support your business objectives. Facebook Ads offers a quick, economical, and effective way to reach users with your promotional messages.

What we do for you: Instantly Relevant, we help you achieve your desired goals through a data and conversion Approch. We create high-converting facebook Ads campaigns for more sales, profits and customers.




Why it’s needed: Do you wish to send leads to improve sales?
Help potential customers stay up-to-date with brochures, white papers, or newsletters. It helps your company’s sales team close more deals quickly by offering valuable information.

What we do for you: Despite the best efforts, companies struggle to improve their sales figures and reach more potential clients.
Our performance marketing team creates high-level sales collateral to bring your sales back on track and move potential customers through the sea in no less time.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Why it’s needed: Search Engine Optimization helps you increase quality organic traffic, improve user experience, convert leads into reliable customers, and rank high for organic keywords on a constant basis.

What we do for you: At Instantly Relevant, we help you to increase organic visibility, quality traffic & sales of your online business.

Custom Plans Designed To Your Needs


Every plan is created for you to meet your goals and objectives. 

You have access to all of the services and benefits.



Struggling to raise capital, find investors, gain traction, start your side hustle?

Investors invest in you as much (or even more) as they do in your ideas, passion, and promise.
Customized to elevate your personal and company brand image and executive eminence for a small one-time investment



Are you bootstrapping your company and need your marketing to be growth focused?

The Bootstrapped Plan is designed to accelerate the company in its early stages and create massive brand awareness.
This is an ideal starting plan to grow a consistent brand image and generate leads on an affordable budget.



Is your company in full-on growth mode?

The Growth Plan is tailored for the rapidly growing startup, entrepreneur, or founder to rapidly grow their business.
If you can benefit deeply from more sales, traction, and revenue this plan is for you



Need scale and marketing capabilities without hiring a full employee team?

The Enterprise Plan is provides a full fractional marketing team for scaling the marketing needs of Series A, B, and C startups or publicly traded organizations.
This customized plan is incredibly effectively to scale to gain market share, traction, and tremendous growth.

Let's Begin With A Conversation About You


Let's Begin With A Conversation About You...

This is all about you. It’s a free consultation and an opportunity for you to ask questions about our services, benefits, technologies, results, and expected outcomes. It is an opportunity for us to listen and learn about your vision, business, goals, and objectives.

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